Traditional Chinese Medicine

Group Insurance Program for
Practitioners of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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For more than 10 years Preventative Health Services Group has been providing its expertise, resources, and voice to promote professionalism in the industry. And for all those years Impact Insurance Brokers has played a supporting role in providing innovative solutions for Preventative Health's ever expanding membership.

Together we are pleased to introduce the most comprehensive insurance policy for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet all your insurance needs and in full compliance with your college’s requirements.

In concert with Preventative Health, our insurance program offers:

  • The broadest range of insured modalities
  • Exclusive wordings
  • Easy to complete online application
  • Available property coverage extension
  • Comprehensive risk management approach catering to your business

Insurance Highlights:

$2,000,000 Professional Malpractice and Commercial Liability:

Occurrence basis’, which provides coverage for accidents or injuries arising from treatments during the policy period regardless of when a law suit may be filed. Our malpractice protection can also provide retroactive coverage to correspond with your current policy.

  • Additional Coverage Extensions included at no additional costs:
  • Employer’s Liability     $ 100,000 per occurrence
  • Legal Expense Reimbursement     $ 10,000 per claim/aggregate
  • Abuse and Molestation Defense Costs     250,000 per claim/aggregate
  • Tenant’s Legal Liability     500,000 per occurrence
  • Unintentional Breach of Confidentiality     Included
  • Unintentional Failure to refer to Healthcare Provider     Included

We hope you will find our application easy to use, but should you have any questions please feel to call us at your earliest convenience.

To learn more about this invaluable program please contact George Keramaris of Preventative Health Services by phone at 416-423-2765 or by email at


New or prospective members can obtain a no obligation online quotation by following link below. Please ensure you use this online application if you are not currently a member of PHS or have a current policy with Impact Insurance, as it covers important issues such as eligibility and retroactive insurance. Existing policyholders should use the Member Renewal Link.

TCM Modality Definitions

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